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This collection of songs has been created with the staff and students of Ardleigh Green Learning Federation since 2013.

Andrew became Musician In Residence in 2013 after Headteacher John Morris OBE asked him to write the school a new 'School Song' using lyrics created by the Year 6 students.

Since that initial composition an entire compendium of original songs for Ardleigh Green students have been created, many of which are available to view as sung by the students on Youtube.

Below is a selection of songs that present the school vision and ethos alongside meeting the social, moral, spiritual and cultural needs of the students written as part of this assembly song collection. This assembly song collection is the both the basis and springboard for many of the other collections listed on this website, particularly the 'Songs In The Key Of Linham'.

More information about Andrew's work as Musician In Residence at Ardleigh Green Learning Federation is available via the AGJS Website.

  • Ardleigh Green School Song
  • Ardleigh Green School Prayer
  • We Shall Be First
  • The 5R's of Ardleigh Green
  • Growing Ardleigh Greener

Below you can listen to 'We Shall Be F.I.R.S.T', as sung by the students in 2018 with a live rhythm section - it really is one of their favourites and is such a celebration of the vision of the school.

If you are interested in having bespoke music resources created for your school then Contact Me for more information.