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This assortment of songs has been created in conjunction with Andrew's educational work across multiple schools.

For over ten years Andrew has been writing original educational songs for Primary School students of both Key Stage 2 whilst working at multiple schools. These songs have been created in partnership with many different schools from the London Borough of Havering.

Initially the songs were exploring the Key Stage 2 Music Curriculum in a school that had no instruments and taught music solely via en masse singing. This approach obviously does not cover the whole curriculum, so Andrew started to write original songs that would help teach all of the vital knowledge required at KS2 level whilst keeping the focus on ensemble singing.

Then he developed a method of incorporating the playing of various classroom instruments and percussion into the compositions to create the well rounded curriculum now in use today. With the full teaching resource of the LyricLand curriculum teachers can teach the songs and then explore the knowledge found in the content of the lyrics, develop the songs with instrumental work and create additional composition and improvisation projects using the base song as a springboard into further creativity.

If you are interested in having bespoke music resources created for your school then Contact Me for more information.