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The Little LyricLand Key Stage 1 Curriculum is an exploration of the seven elements of music led by the cheery Percy Pitchmouse. We join Percy and his friends as we explore everything the world of LyricLand has to offer, discovering new elements of music through singing, chanting and playing instruments.

Developed in conjunction with several primary schools both state and private across the London Borough of Havering, this interactive educational resource is ideal for those less confident Key Stage 1 teachers to get involved with singing and playing instruments led by Percy on video.

Each lesson has a clear plan with learning objectives with an associated song which explores the learning objective in a variety of different ways. There are opportunities for tasks both creative and academic, and throughout this curriculum students are encouraged to create their own LyricLands, with outcomes aiding them to become composers and improvisers.

We are currently developing a series of videos led by Percy to structure lessons beyond the lesson plans and associated resources to ensure that this is a truly interactive and engaging project.

We are currently beta testing this video curriculum with Ardleigh Green Infant School.

For more information about this Curriculum or to use it in your school, Contact Me.