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This set of one-off music lessons is an example of much of the content of LyricLand, without Mr Linham's original songs. This set of seven lessons (completed Spring 2021) explores each of the seven elements of music in turn through a selection of fun musical games and activities to inspire you get involved with making music. Within each video there is a Listening Project section which encourages you to actively listen to the pieces of music found in the Spotify playlist below and answer some questions about how they use the elements of music, the genre and era or respond creatively.

The January Blues Project is a four week project exploring Blues and Jazz music featuring Mr Linham's original song 'The January Blues'. Taking elements of scat singing, improvisation and call and response alongside the more standard LyricLand video elements, this set of videos encourages you to get creative by singing, improvising and composing. There is also a Listening Project built into this set of videos with recordings in the playlist below and some of your favourite rhythmic games. Happy Scatting!


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