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Alongside the various collections of assembly songs Andrew has lots of other songs for annual events in the school calendar. These songs, written specifically with and for his students, have been developed in response to many of the songs aimed at primary aged students being very childish when these students want to feel like they are being treated as equals and grown ups! Infused with the social, moral, spiritual and cultural values, many of these songs are firm favourites with the students (particularly the Christmas songs) and they wish to sing them all year round!

In addition to his 'Glorious Nativity' song collection there are a wider variety of secular Christmas songs listed below exploring everything from Santa, Snowmen and a vision for the future in 'Ho-Ho-Hope'. There are some free Christmas resources available here.

For Remembrance Day in 2018, Ardleigh Green Junior School commissioned a new song to celebrate the 100 years which was later featured in this video.

There are also songs exploring World Book Day ('Read All About It' found below), Harvest (Sharing Is Caring) and other religious festivals.

At the heart of this work is a consideration of the wider well being and mental health of the students. With singing at the heart of the curriculum I firmly believe that it makes a school a happier place for everyone, be they staff or students.

I have also made collection of Mindfulness Videos to encourage students to take a moment to be at rest in the uncertain times of COVID-19.

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